Who We are

We focus on unconventional, quality products for the music industry

We are not your average professional audio manufacturer. We focus on highly original products with unique functional features and aesthetics. Something you’ve never heard or seen before!
Our new company Scope Labs is rooted in Finland but we operate globally. We are craftsmen and engineers: the electronic and mechanical design requires highly skilled craftsmanship and our products are entirely manufactured in-house.

Matt Sartori

Matt Sartori
Sound engineer, pro audio tech and circuit designer. Matt started out as service engineer for recording studios in London whilst engineering for the classical music and hi-fi industry. Over the years he has restored and maintained more than 200 consoles and 1500 pieces of outboard gear. Currently works out of off-tape studios in London whilst developing Scope Labs products and engineering for international artists.

Paavo AKA Dr. Kurkela
Audio technology expert, sound engineer and overall mechanical deviant. He started out as stage tech and has quickly become the reference key tech for Richie Blackmore and monitor engineer for Arch Enemy and Amon Amarth amongst others. He has spent countless hours between his lathe, pillar drill and any soldering technology known to man and 25+ years on stage behind a monitor desk. You can find him at 5 by 5 studio in Helsinki or in his laboratory working on the next Scope Labs product.

Paavo kurkela

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