Introducing The Periscope: The World’s First Ever
Microphone With a Built-in Compressor

The Periscope is now available to buy and has already been used and endorsed by award-winning music
professionals including Chemical Brothers, Butch Vig and many others

Helsinki, Finland & London, UK – November 16, 2020 – Scope Labs, a new manufacturer of innovative recording tools rooted in Finland and operating globally, has today launched a new groundbreaking microphone, which records sounds in a way you haven’t heard before.

The PERISCOPE is an omnicondenser microphone with a BIG
character aimed towards creative recording. Its full frequency response capsule captures sounds in every possible detail and passes signal to a built in compressor that gives the mic its unique fingerprint.
The Periscope’s incredible list of users already include some of the best sound explorers out there: from electronic music pioneers Chemical Brothers and legendary producer Butch Vig (Nirvana, Garbage, Foo Fighters) to new generation Emmy and Grammy winner engineers like Ricky Damian (Mark Ronson, Lady Gaga) and Francesco Donadello (Chernobyl OST, Johann Johannsson), from the king of BIG sounds Joe Barresi (Queens of the Stone Age, Slipknot, Kyuss, Melvins) to drummer extraordinaire Alex Reeves (Elbow, Bat for Lashes, Dizzie Rascal).

This is what they have got to say about the Periscope:

The Chemical Brothers

“Love The Periscope, it adds instant excitement to live drums and percussion
and anything else you want to throw at it. Inspiring.”

Butch Vig

“When I’m looking for character and color, The Periscope is my new go-to microphone.
It’s an
omnidirectional condenser with built in compression and it sounds killer on just about everything.
If you’re
looking for instant vibe, the Periscope rocks.“

Ricky Damian

“The best thing about recording for me is to use the equipment to find the secret spice, chasing that sound that keeps us inspired.
The Periscope is one of my favourite tools to keep things
exciting and give great character to any type of source.”

A hyper-realistic mic that captures the room perfectly

Developed during the last three years by renowned pro-audio tech Mattia Sartori and Finnish master craftsman Paavo Kurkela, in cooperation with Grammy winning producer Tommaso Colliva, The Periscope is based around an omni capsule followed by a compression circuit tailored to highlight all the textural nuances the mic captures. A magnifying lens that creates larger than life results capable of instantly drawing the attention of anyone listening. Unlike all the average surgical and pristine microphones out there, the Periscope is a hyper-realistic mic emphasizing the context where the music happens.

To achieve its mission, the Periscope’s electronic and mechanical design requires highly skilled craftsmanship and the mic will therefore be entirely manufactured in-house at Scope Labs Ltd. the newly born Finnish company founded by Sartori and Kurkela to bring the mic to life.

Mattia Sartori, Co-founder of Scope Labs, and pro-audio technician comments:
“For years microphone manufacturers have been looking for the most pristine sound, we have our mic lockers full of supposed-to-be-perfect pieces. They can tell us exactly how an instrument sounds but often they cannot capture the vibe, they cannot tell us the story behind it. That’s why we need new unique tools with character and that’s exactly what the Periscope delivers.”

Paavo Kurkela, Co-founder of Scope Labs, craftsman and pro-audio technician says:
“Our mic is not a clone. It’s a brand new design developed from the ground up taking inspiration from tools and techniques that have been used for decades but that are only now available in a sleek and simple plug-n-play form. Just hook up the mic in front of the source, switch phantom power on and you’re all set to enter The Periscope’s world of sound.”

“The obvious question for many is why would you compress or distort a microphone? Because we can, it’s unconventional, and it sounds super cool. You should try it out and hear it for yourself!”
The Periscope microphone, built by hand in Finland, is now available worldwide through the webshop  HERE



Mattia Sartori (UK)
Mobile / Whatsapp: +44 7952 360530

Paavo Kurkela (FIN)
Mobile / whatsapp: +358 40 5527546

About Scope Labs Ltd.

Scope Labs is a new manufacturer of innovative
recording tools, founded by renowned, highly
experienced, and professional music industry
veterans Mattia Sartori and Paavo Kurkela. The
company’s first product, the hand-crafted Periscope
microphone was developed together with Grammy
winning producer Tommaso Colliva and it is now
available online. Scope Labs’ roots are in Finland, but
the team and business is purely global.

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